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station. homicide investigation in shock tonight after two people found dead inside a townhouse. good evening, everyone and thanks for joining us. just hours ago police heard gunshots then police found two people dead in a normally quiet neighborhood. the latest from the police tonight, susan. >> reporter: it appears that children were the first to learn of the killings and they alerted an adult to call 911. >> police crowd the cul-de-sac of town homes just a few blocks off main street. two bodies are discovered inside this unit. police say it's clear they suffered from traumatic injuries. >> the neighbor reported that a child had come to her home and said it looked like there were people who looked like they were injured inside the home.
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>> reporter: neighbors say the shots rang out about 6:00 p.m. in the home where a couple lives with 3 children. >> my son came home saying to my husband that the kids heard two gunshots and some kids coming out from the house crying saying that the mommy and the daddy are killed. >> reporter: police are not confirming the identity of the bodies but. >> we are not seeing any signs of forced entry but we're not 100% sure what we have. >> reporter: parents are concerned the children may be traumatized. it may have been children who discovered it. >> i was sitting on the porch conversing with a neighbor and my niece and nephew ran up and there was blood everywhere. >> reporter: audiotapes are
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being -- autopsy are being done. adam, back to you. susan live for us. some plan to ask for the elementary school for counseling. police are investigating a shooting not far from the stadium. a 15-year-old was shot at the intersection of west hamburg and austin streets. the shooting may have been part of a dispute over a dirt bike. also right now an urgent search is on for a hit and run driver. a motorcyclist is in critical condition after another motorist struck him right around 7:00 tonight. police are looking for a newer model black mercedes. we have some new
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information about a prisoner. police believe that paul palmer may be headed to washington. police say that he faked a medical emergency then broke free. he could now be traveling with a woman in a 2008 key a spectra. has a tag number of palmer is considered armed and dangerous and people are asked to call 911 immediately. today marked the somber anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. at new york's ground zero, family, friends and political leaders paid tribute to the nearly 3000 victims. president obama called on the nation to refuse to let terrorists -- reports on a
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special ceremony today. >> reporter: every symbol has a special meaning. they all honor the lives of 11 fallen maryland soldiers. >> they loved all of us enough to sacrifice their lives for the things that all of us hold most dear. >> reporter: comes on the 9th anniversary, for a brief moment each soldier was remembered, their names read aloud and a wreath placed. >> it reminds me how my life has been since 911 like so many other. >> reporter: his unit was activitied on the night of the
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september 11th attack. >> the heart ache that we face daily even though it's been 8 years. >> reporter: this is support. >> we still have a lot of work to do and we have a lot of people still serving in harm's way and i pray that we don't lose too many more. >> this was one of -- the army will welcome home soldiers from afghanistan. >> in hanover, i'm gigi barnett. >> in the midst of today's ceremony a florida pastor -- to announce that his church would not burn the muslim holy book today or ever. several hundred activists rallied today in support of
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the. there are still 5 people missing 2 days after a deadly explosion. at least 4 others are confirmed dead. 60 people hurt and as sandra reports, it could be days before the survivors can return to their homes. >> reporter: two days after a natural gas explosion took out this san bernardino oh neighborhood, officials got a look at the damage. >> we see a beautiful neighborhood and a whole section of it that just almost disappeared. >> reporter: jessica morales was watching football with her boyfriend right before the slogs. he escaped, she didn't. >> we had a knock on the door in the corner. and the coroner was standing with the police officer and at that moment i just knew it wasn't good. >> reporter: 37 homes were
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destroyed in the blast. the national transportation board is investigating the cause. >> that is part of our investigation to look into these allegations that we have heard that people were smelling. >> reporter: this church seats 500 but it was standing room only for a community meeting about the explosion. questions were submitted in writing, most wanted to know when they could go home and is it safe. knowingly be the same when they return. >> the whole block is gone, like our neighborhood is gone. >> reporter: according to senator -- residents will eventually get answers even if it takes congressional hearings. and in an ironic twist, one was working with a company to upgrade a section of that very
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gas line. conditions are causing a big spike in wild fires. two on maryland's eastern shore. the biggest possibly ig ignited by a spark from some farm equipment. farmers have burned up more than 48 -- fires have burned up more than 48 acres. let's check in with meteorologist tim williams. he is live with first warning radar. >> reporter: we have had a very dry september so far and we're coming off the heels of a dry august. so with these light breezes coming through it creates an as moss fear -- atmosphere, that fire could be a problem. what you're seeing here, calm winds and humidity levels only in the moderate range. we have a very moisture starved
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storm system. it doesn't have a lot of rain associated with it. we do have some rain but really not enough to put a dent into it it. we really don't expect to put much ground on it. but we will talk about the timing of it and talk about the newest named hurricane in the atlantic. all right, well the primaries are tuesday and the baltimore county executive race, two are dominating that race for the democratic primary. pat warren has more on how they are spending this critical weekend. look for county executive candidate joe under the -- this weekend. the area farmer sells produce here every weekend. >> we are focused on the election. i'm focused for running for county executive. i'm not running against
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anybody. >> reporter: that's figure actively speaking -- figure figuratively speaking. >> i'm calling on what have of kevin. >> reporter: candidate kevin has raised just as much money. >> someone just left me a phone message and said, kevin you have got 96 hours to go. >> reporter: the 6 days of early voting that ended yesterday added a loot to that -- lot to that campaign time. >> spread it out almost a week of agony and what i'm hoping is that in the end it proves that we're not voting the same amount of people and spreading them out but we're voting more people because that's what it's aimed at. >> it was kind of new for all the candidates to -- and we
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wound up having to put a lot of poll workers at the print. what -- precinct. >> cabinets have gained strong endorsements. >> i worry about who is underdog or who is the favorite. >> reporter: the winner does have a republican challengers but this is one of those maryland races where party has a distinct advantage. now back to you on television hill. that is going to be an interesting race. stay with wjz forks complete cover -- for complete coverage. you can log on to and we'll have complete coverage on the primaries on tuesday. a shocking school presentation, how pornography wound up in a high school assemble. and a terrifying night a double decker crashes undera bridge.
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also an unusual package, you're looking at it. it's a toy pony. we'll explain coming up. investigators say this man went on a vendetta after being fired importing porn. here in the wjz outback. we have agents rain in the -- a little rain in the forecast and then almost fall like weather. we have your forecast coming up. ,,,,
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a double decker bus crashes in up state new york killing 4 people outside syracuse. passengers arriving from toronto. the bus was too at all to fit under a low bridge causing the bus to hit the bridge. the bus driver traveled off his usual route but it's unclear why. several people remain hospitalized tonight. a bizarre scene at a -- it was a stuffed toy pony found outside the school but for some reason it raised concerns because no one really knew where that pony came from.
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authorities later blew up the animal and determined it was just full of stuffing. are apologizing after they showed pornographic pictures at a -- the inappropriate photos appeared on a screen. torches out they -- turns out they came from the personal flash drive. a company is also dealing with its own cyber crime. investigators say a man broke into his company's computers and sabotaged. when the suspect faced the judge. >> at one north charles, substance abuse systems -- walter powell used to work there but late last year he was fired for poor performance.
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he was the top technology person at the company. as such he had access to all of the company's computers. it is alleged that he put key logging program on the computers. he was able to gain the private passwords of at least 5 employees. >> strange e-mails started appearing, e-mails the employees never wrote. then the ceo of the company gave a computer presentation. here it's alleged powell took over causing his computer to display pornographic images. >> once it was learned that somebody was hacking into the system, the investigation en sued and he was identified as a suspect. >> reporter: when they raided his home they not only seized computers but illegal weapons which muscle the sound of a
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gunshot. those items led to a federal indictment. now powell has been charged with one count of unauthorizationed -- and 5 counts of possession of computer pass codes. he is undergoing psychiatric. the judge ordered him released as long as he stays away from computers and continues his federal monitoring of his where abouts. and walter powell's arraignment date is set for october 6th. let's check in with meteorologist tim williams. it was a nice day out there, feeling more and more like fall. >> i know, been able to put the window windows up at all. >> other than just a little rain.
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temperatures are really delightful. it does feel like fall. a little below the average. 50 last night. we'll be very close to the average tonight of about 5 and no -- 59 and no where near the record. low dewpoints and just light breezes moving through the region. 67 relative humidity. a barometer is falling ahead of a low pressure system that's moving across and we could see some rain but it's a very moisture starved system. it's only going to come through in some spots. but 61 in oakland. we have 71 in pax river and 67 in -- some of the heavier winds at 13 miles per hour. this system is kinds of
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breaking up. the low pressure portion of it that's driving this whole thing is moving across the great lakes. the cold front is going to move on through. this other portion down here is staying there and what we're getting is a thinner line between the two. we'll start to see the clouds increase through tonight and into tomorrow. the storm system continues to move right on through. with nothing to stop it it's going to move right on by. drier conditions by tomorrow evening, then we'll start to see another stretch. igor is a category 1 hurricane. sustained winds at 77. we expect this storm to become a major category 3 storm or better. we'll keep you posted. right now it's so far away we're really not concerned just yet. no advisories in effect. your next high tide is tomorrow
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morning. tonight, mainly clear with just a few showers around. the next 5 days, 7 #, 80, sunshine with overnight lows in the 50s. thanks a lot. coming up next in sports, the coming up next in sports, the orioles have won 9 of the ,,,,
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hurry in to dunkin' donuts for a delicious hello, everybody, local college football number one with morgan state at maryland. here it is a day of infamy. as the pair fin struck gold, all american candidate makes it look easy on that touchdown pass. maryland's 2nd string quarterback, 3 of 4, including that one. 45-0 at halftime. their highest score in 35
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years. maryland and west virginia next week. in an an appear applies -- an -- annapolis -- next week navy at louisiana tech. later in the middle of the field the line judge accidently gets head butt and drops like he's been hit with a hammer. later, though, he's up and adam. 47-42 in 5 overtime. ravens the 2 point underdog in the game to be shown right here starting at 6:30.
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orioles tonight, makes contact. 5 runs in the inning. 2 on that one swing of the bat. 2-1 triple. jeremy gun three, tonight's winner. semifinal match, novak of serbia serbia. against nadal tomorrow. in the women's finals it was kim -- defeating zeroa. hopkins loses in football and it's denny hamlin winning on the nascar scene tonight. that referee, that lineman, he's okay, though. sam, thanks, still to come
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